I appreciate your efforts and dedication in creating wonderful spaces for reflection and soul-searching which you graciously share with other people... My family and I are part of the family of cancer victims and cancer survivors, so you and your gardens are special to us... ~ Michael K.

There are many ways you can partner in grooming the gardens and supporting our mission to make the sacred path of nature available to those who seek its beauty.

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Volunteering at the Garden is a great way to expand your knowledge of plants, give back to your community, meet new people, and share your love of the Healing Gardens with others. Call now to volunteer: 630-377-1846

Registering for Activities.
Our activities are limited to an intimate size to encourage full participation and interactivity. Visit our web site often to check the links and register for seasonal events that peak your interest. REGISTER HERE

Partner Resources We are convinced that knowledge plays an integral part in healing choices and we want to acquaint you with resource partners we have found helpful. These web sites contain valuable information and we encourage you to use discernment in your approach to holistic living. (Healing Gardens has no official affiliation with these products and services and no attempts have been made to verify claims of the linked sites.)

Andrew Young is an excellent photographer who is putting together a photographic book about cancer survivors and their story. All proceeds go to cancer research.

The LivingWell Cancer Resource Center offers kind, loving support through their staff and excellent programs for those diagnosed with cancer and their families/caregivers. All their services are free.

SPA Sisters is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, educate and awaken women to their true selves through interaction with nature, creative expression and connection with other women.

A local nursery who gives talks and presentations on anything related to gardening for a small donation that goes to the local food pantry.

Nancy May, the owner of Yoga From the Heart, has offered to give yoga lessons at Healing Gardens and donate part of her fee for the upkeep of the gardens.

Kathy Green is another wonderful photographer who took pictures of families who had a family member dealing with a cancer diagnosis at Healing Gardens free of charge.