While journeying through cancer, Debbie embraced Nature as her companion, teacher and healer. She recognized Nature as the storyteller and was eager for new revelations with each meditation. Enjoy her journal reflections.

Winter Red

In the Japanese Sun Pear tree outside my window, amidst the tangle of small bare branches and limbs, sits a bright red cardinal. With his feathers puffed out to stay warm, he preens himself –
perhaps waiting for his lifetime mate.
As I stare at this welcome, colorful, picturesque sight, I see my own soul in this lovely little bird. I am a bright, vibrant being in the midst of my own negative tangled thoughts that twist the truth of who I am.
It amazes me that the human being
that I am shines through the tangled mess of destructive beliefs.
Perhaps, the light and beauty shine through because of the tangled web of hurts and negative messages… another holy paradox.

Winter Red: One Week Later

He is here again. He comes almost every morning to the tree outside my window sitting in the middle of the tangled, twisted branches - a stunning display of color that takes my breath away. Often, his mate joins him as they fly
easily in and out of the twisted, leafless branches.
I reflect again on my friend the cardinal, as a metaphor for my soul.
Like the red bird, I am able to rest in the midst of my own dark and troubled thoughts. At times, I can even fly away from them with a deep knowing that they do not have the power to name who I am. This is a blessed gift from the daily practice of Centering Prayer, a silent meditation practice, where I allow God to heal me from the inside out. “It is as if God says to me: Your radiance cannot be hidden by your mistakes or by any external situation you may be experiencing. Your life is hidden with me. . . My love changes everything.”

~ Peter Traben Hass
~ Deborah Marqui, Healing Gardens