While journeying through cancer, Debbie embraced Nature as her companion, teacher and healer. She recognized Nature as the storyteller and was eager for new revelations with each meditation. Enjoy her journal reflections.

Eleven degrees this morning, cold, yet sunny with a bright blue sky. Decorated with condensation the window panes offer a beautiful view of a light snow that covers the ground and trees. I look up and see the top of the maple tree with her graceful limbs silhouetted against the blue sky, perfect symmetry of larger limbs melding into very fine delicate branches fanned against the sky. In contrast the thinner honey locust tree beside the maple has angular, sparse, claw like branches jutting out from it’s rough bark looking strong, purposeful and free.

These trees honor and praise God in the sanctity of their individual beauty.
I am grateful to love and appreciate the difference.

~ Deborah Marqui, Healing Gardens