While journeying through cancer, Debbie embraced Nature as her companion, teacher and healer. She recognized Nature as the storyteller and was eager for new revelations with each meditation. Enjoy her journal reflections.

On this lovely summer morning the air has an unusually fresh, clean smell. Quickly a memory surfaces of burying my face in my grandmothers sheets, washed in Tide and left outside to dry. To this day I love to clean, starch and iron antique linen.
I feel at one with the women who laboriously and creatively embellished their linens. The clean, crisp freshness makes me happy and satisfied. For thirteen years I wallpapered and painted naming my business “Freshstart.” Again, I felt great satisfaction to create beautiful, fresh spaces for customers. Later, I became a psychotherapist helping people integrate body, mind and spirit into a fresh start.
Is it possible this simple act of domestic service, by my grandmother, completely ordinary and mundane
by society standards, set me on this healing path for myself and others?

~ Deborah Marqui, Healing Gardens