While journeying through cancer, Debbie embraced Nature as her companion, teacher and healer. She recognized Nature as the storyteller and was eager for new revelations with each meditation. Enjoy her journal reflections.

Spring Green
In early Spring I begin to feel the movement of energy below the earth. ‘It’s time, it’s time,” the woodland nymphs and fairies whisper to the earth. Softening the soil, the sun awakens the green and the pulsating life below shoots upward
and we are graced with the healing green of spring.
Seeing this green brings an energetic rush,
like a drug of pure joy.
My heart beats as if I am meeting some long lost lover.
My body tingles with excitement.
It’s no wonder people are joyous with the arrival of spring,
it is not only the sun that lifts depression,
it is also the flora and fauna of the earth,
the healing energetic presence of the green.

~ Deborah Marqui, Healing Gardens