Rent the Gardens


Healing Gardens consists of two acres of eight perennial gardens along with a small wooded area. When groups come to visit they can choose to listen to a short talk, (15-20 minutes) about how the gardens originated and then a forty-five minute walking tour of the gardens. Each garden has a different theme with lessons learned from Nature. A continuation of the tour through the woods with special sites will be an additional twenty minutes. Some groups decide to forgo the tour and do their own thing, which is wonderful. For a two to 2 1/2 hour stay, the cost is $10 per person with or without the talk.

 There is a meeting room that will seat about 15-18 people - in case groups do not want to meet outside. In the meeting room there is an audio/visual hookup, with a bathroom, small refrigerator and microwave oven. There is a $50 an hour charge for the room rental and access to all the gardens/property. Bottled water is provided.

 Many groups bring a sack lunch and eat outside. There is also a deck area with chairs and table. 

Please call to schedule: 630-740-2597.