From The Fire, Into The Garden

An intimate and soul-baring memoir that takes you from the 'fire’ and suffering of cancer and into the creation of Healing Gardens, Deborah’s ‘earth school’ that gave birth to an inspirational healing space open to all.

What began as journal entries to make sense of the sudden shocking reality of a terminal diagnosis, became a powerful raw account of her transformative journey. With cancer as ‘teacher’ and Nature as ‘healer,’ she was launched into a compelling, crash course in how to integrate body, mind and spirit into health and wholeness.

The memoir is published and available through Amazon for $15 or can be purchased on the days the gardens are open to the public for $12.

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This book exemplifies the fullness of life itself. Picking it up, wishing for a page turner, expecting a cancer journey would not be, then reading nonstop until midnight.
— nancy barrett chickerneo, phd, psychotherapist, author